Recognising the importance of teaching the English language to help train the future leaders of Tanzania, Modest Bayo and his wife Lightness set out to create a school where English would be taught from Kindergarten age onwards!


In 2004 the very first classroom was set up in Karatu inside their own loungeroom which bulged at the seams with orphans. With no outside financial help, however aided by various community members, Bayo and Lightness began digging trenches, laying foundations, mixing mortar and setting bricks all by hand, to build the schools we see there today!


Encouraged by their small community, they kept building as more children and orphans kept coming to be educated. Today the lounge-based classroom has expanded into the Tumaini Junior School which now has over 800 students! In 2016 Lightness & Bayo, in collaboration with the Tanzania Education Corp, opened the Tumaini Senior Secondary School to ensure that those students who attended the Junior School continue to receive the same standards of education throughout secondary school.

Impressively, as the Junior School continued to grow over the years, the Bayos also opened Tumaini TX Pre-Primary School, in February 2017! To date, there are over 1100 students (and climbing) across the three campuses which is such a fantastic achievement by Modest and Lightness Bayo.

On the 19th of October 2019, 52 students received their diplomas at the first ever graduation ceremony of the Tumaini Senior Secondary School.

Read the incredible story in more detail here!

Ann is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Aurelia is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Frank is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Japeth is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Upendo is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Albert is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Maureen is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Pendo is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Weena is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.
Christina is one of All Around Tanzania Safari's sponsor children.


Albert is a quiet young man who is very studious. He is studying in hopes of becoming a doctor. 


Albert has just started at Tumaini Senior School where he got to design a graphic novel for one of his classes, he learnt how to draw from experts and the lesson of his story was to respect elders.


Aurelia loves a cuddle and likes to hold your hand most of all. She is the quiet achiever and has a most beautiful soft nature.

Aurelia's favourite subjects are English, vocational skills and science and would like to be an engineer when she grows up. Her favourite colours are blue, green & purple.


Christina is now 11 years old and is so excited to be going to the Tumaini Junior School following her sister Anna.


Although Christina is very quiet and shy, she absolutely loves her food. Especially when we take them out for Hot Chips at the local corner store. 


Frank also loves soccer and when I took him on a trip to the market all he wanted was a soccer top and shorts. He too likes to sit next to me and chat.

Frank's favourite subjects are geography, english, science and mathematics. Frank would like to be a pilot when he grows up.


Upendo is very pretty and shy but clever also. She also loves 'chipeye' which is egg and chips fried to make a pancake and she covers it with chilli sauce  it made my eyes water.


Upendo's favourite subjects are mathematics and science and hopes to become a doctor.


Japheth is a very quiet and shy boy. He is very clever and also a quiet achiever. He is a very diligent student. 

Japheth's favourite subjects are mathematics and science and when he grows up he hopes to become a pilot like Frank. His favourite colours are yellow and green.


George has been sponsored since he was a small child at Tumaini. He is now in Form 2 in High School. His favourite subjects are project based learning ones which aim to enhance critical thinking and creativity. 

George is very excited to continue his education and get to University.


Michael is loving his time at Tumaini Senior School. His favourite activities are playing football, volleyball and reading the newspaper. His favourite animals are lions, leopards and giraffes. 

He has recently started a computer class which he loves learning how to make games and movies. 


Weena is young and has just started in the middle class at the Tumaini Pre-Primary School.


She is a wonderfully cheerful girl that is never not smiling, it is infectious! This happy go lucky girl will be going places! 


Pascal is the little brother of Aurelia. We try and keep families together where possible. 


He has just started his third class at Tumaini Junior School and is loving it. His favourite subject is Mathematics. While his favourite things to do include sports, eating and reading.


Shalom Orphanage is a local human development centre founded in the year 2004 for the sole mission of relief advocacy and improvement of the life of disadvantaged children, the poor community regardless of religion, tribe or ethnicity.


When the younger generation is trained to take the future of their lives into their own hands and make investment for the future through good education we believe that will be a foundation for their future. We aim at selling a foundation of believing in themselves and their god given ability to make a difference and live responsible lives.

Our key objective is to build a generation with a vision and a mission to make a difference in their personal lives for their families and community at large.

Mama Warra is a woman of faith who believes she can achieve anything with the help of god and this inspiration is what has made her the visionary for this home for children. She started with 3 children in her own home, then moved to another rented 3 bedroom house where she housed 15 children and now because of her hard work and savings from donations given by travellers and volunteers she was able to build the current orphanage in 2007.

The Shalom Orphanage in Tanzania. A must see whilst on safari with All Around Tanzania Safaris.