COVID-19 and Tanzania

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Update as at 31.08.20

Commercial flights are operating to and from Tanzania. The Government of Tanzania announced in May that it had lifted the ban on International flights arriving and departing Tanzania.

When your Country allows you to travel, there are still many entry rules and requirements which must be followed, in response to COVID-19. The Government of Tanzania is implementing temperature scanning for all international travelers arriving in the country. If you show any symptoms upon arrival, you may be required to take a test. If you are tested on arrival, you may be required to self isolate for 14 days. The Government is also collecting tracking information for all international passengers arriving into Tanzania.

It is up to each individual to observe infection prevention and control measures, including hand hygiene, wearing a mask and keeping physical distance as appropriate. If you want to leave Tanzania and your own country requires a COVID-19 test before traveling, the Tanzania Government has advised you to get a test at the Regional Hospital at least 5 days before you leave. You will need to pay for testing.

Finally, a quick note / Coronavirus update from our Director, Fiona Hall;

"COVID-19 has changed the World of travel right now. We are happy to advise that the borders to Tanzania have reopened and the people are welcoming Travelers back. When your Country allows you to travel we are ready to once again make your Safari dream a reality. We have been working away behind the scenes to create some new itineraries we would love to share with you. Our new 2021 – 2022 program will be launched in the coming months and if you would like to be first to hear about it please contact us at In the meantime we are grateful that our Team in Tanzania are all safe and eager to get back on the safari circuit, doing what they love. Stay safe in these challenging times. "

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept across the globe and new developments are occurring each and every day, in every country. Firstly, we would like to thank you for your patience whilst we contact and help our current and future Safari goers navigate through these unprecedented times, doing what we can to alleviate the stress of postponing, rebooking and so on. We, like many of you are longing for the borders to be opened and travel to be a normal part of life again. This will not be happening for some time yet but please know that when the time is right, we will be ready to go.

Now, on a broader scale, so far there have been 24 confirmed cases in Tanzania and sadly, one fatality. To their credit the Tanzanian authorities have not and are not sitting idly by waiting for it to get worse. All schools and universities have been closed, exams have been postponed. According to AfricaNews. the Government of Tanzania as instituted additional travel measures to limit the spread of the virus. As of 23.03.20 the following was instructed;

  • All travellers whether foreigners or returning residents arriving from COVID-19 most affected countries, will be subjected to mandatory isolation for 14 days at their own cost at designated facilities identified by the Government.

  • Passengers should fill in Health Surveillance Form in the plane, or any other transport means and submit them to Port Health Authorities upon arrival.

  • All travellers will be subjected to an intensive screening and where necessary COVID-19 rapid testing.

  • All travellers will then be informed of the designated isolation facilities, costs and arrangements in place and access to those facilities.

  • After 14 days quarantine, passengers who have not developed symptoms of COVID-19 may leave the facilities and will be required to register personal information for future possible tracking purpose.

  • All people residing in Tanzania are advised to avoid non-essential travels to COVID-19 affected countries

This is expected to be updated as the situation continues to evolve globally and on a national scale.

So what’s next?

If you have already booked, or begun the planning of your All Around Tanzania Safari, we will have already been in contact with you.

If you have been THINKING about booking, now is the time to reach out. Planning your customised dream Safari could take months to get absolutely right! So, whilst you continue to monitor the situation both in Tanzania and in your home country as well, now might be the perfect time to reach out and start putting together your bucket list trip of a life time for 2021.

The situation regarding the virus is changing on a daily basis, regardless of where you are. We will endeavour to have this blog as up to date as possible as information comes out of Tanzania.

Update as at 24.04.20

As of April 24, 2020 the Tanzanian Government announced there were 299 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 10 confirmed deaths and new measures were introduced to stop the spread;

  • International commercial flight options no longer exist. The Government of Tanzania suspended all international scheduled and chartered passenger planes effective 11.04.20

  • All travelers (whether foreign or returning residents) must isolate for 14 days. This is mandatory for everyone. Quarantines have been selected to cater for different needs, according to one's financial muscles, and they include free options. Read more here about the free dormitories and hotel options for quarantining.

  • All arriving travelers will be subjected to intensive screening and, where necessary, rapid testing.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Director for Africa, Dr. Moeti says that there are concerns about the rise of cases reported in Tanzania over the last week;

"Certainly in Tanzania we have observed that physical distancing, including the prohibition of mass gatherings, took some time to happen and we believe that these might have been probable factors that led to the rapid increase in cases there."

As mentioned above, all schools and universities were closed after the first confirmed case was discovered on 16.03.20, for a period of 30 days. To prevent further spread of the virus, this closure has now been extended.

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