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  • What type of luggage should I bring?
    For both trips, you can bring either a backpack or suitcase. Keep in mind it may be stored on seats or on top of the safari car, so whichever you feel comfortable with. Most places you stay you will have assistance carrying your bags to and from your accommodation as well as packing back into the car. We do recommend a soft bag from our experience. It is also good to bring a smaller shoulder bag or backpack as your day bag.
  • Can you help me with my Visa?
    The visa application for Tanzania will depend on your citizenship, we recommend contacting your travel agent or local immigration centre to ensure you know the right process. For Australians, you are currently able to arrange a visa on arrival at the airport for $50-60USD
  • Will I be charged extra if I travel alone?
    We accommodate all travellers including singles, so if you are travelling on your own you can absolutely book your safari with us, however please note that we do charge a supplementary charge for a single room.
  • What footwear should I pack?
    We recommend taking a comfortable pair of sandals or thongs as well as some sort of enclosed joggers. But don’t forget you will be driving through the dust so prepare to get a bit of red dirt on them!
  • Is it offensive to wear shorts or singlets?
    The Tanzanian culture is very conservative; however conservative shorts and singlets are fine, if they are small/cropped and revealing some people may be offended. It is good to take a sarong so you can either throw over your shoulders or wrap around your body. You will see that a lot of the Tanzanians wear a style of Sarong over their normal clothes.
  • Will I need warm clothing?
    Tanzania is warm all year round. It may get cooler in the morning and later in the evenings so a jumper, polar fleece,beanie, etc., are recommended but you certainly won't need them during the day.
  • Where do I change my money?
    We 100% recommend that you exchange to US dollars in Australia or your country of origin. You can only get Tanzanian shillings out once you are in Tanzania. Whilst most places accept USD; it is sometimes good to have a mixture of both.
  • Will I be able to charge my electronics
    Yes, there are facilities to charge your electronics such as phones and camera batteries in the lodges, we do have charging facilities in the car but please bear in mind other passengers. We recommend bringing a spare battery for your camera and a large memory card as you soon fill them up.
  • How long does it take to get my Vaccinations?
    It is best to talk to either your local GP or a travel doctor to understand how long you will need before you travel to get the correct vaccinations. This process can take up to a few months so it is best to discuss with your local GP.
  • Do we hold TALA and TATO License registrations?
    YES! Our TALA License number is 125700 and our TATO License number is 000325.
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