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Our Driving Force

The aim of our company is to contribute to the economic growth and sustainability in Tanzania. We have a wonderful relationship with Shalom Orphanage and Tumaini Schools and have been proud to sponsor up to 10 children, at any one time. Believing that education is the way to best change financial circumstances for the future of children in third world countries, School tuition has been the focus of our sponsorship and is ongoing. Our company policy is to employ local, experienced staff, meaning all our Safari Guides, Drivers and Cooks are Tanzanians. We use locally owned accommodation places that are world class. By employing local people, we are also proud to support sustainable travel initiatives which ensure the game parks remain protected and pristine. All Around Tanzania Safaris Pty Ltd supports schools, orphanages, businesses, people and practices which conserve and enable growth in the local area…because after all, this is the reason why we started!


Our Staff

Fiona Hall

Co-Founder (Australia)

Fiona is well known in the Australian Legal Industry for her Legal Transcripts business. Her passion for travel has always been there as well as a love for the outdoors. In 2011 she decided like many others to attempt to tackle the largest free standing Mountain in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro.

 "I decided to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with seven women and had only booked a 3-day safari as an add-on at the end. Climbing into the safari car the first thing we said was 'take us

wherever you want but please don't make us walk'. Our driver was a man named Marco, with over 20 years experience he had a wealth of knowledge and we could ask him anything. Marco is now my business partner and arranges everything on the ground for our safaris. 


We had the best time ever. As the only Mother in the group I wanted to visit an orphanage, I had never been to one and wanted to take photos to show my children how other children lived. We were greeted by Mamma Warra a woman our age, responsible for 60 children and even though these children were so poor, they all had the best smiles and I fell in love with their little souls. We went into the babies room and I picked up one child that was so chubby, I called her Fatty Pumba, she had the most gorgeous toothless grin. Five years later Mamma Warra said to me, 'Fiona, her name is not Fatty Pumba it is Weena and she is 6 and ready for school'.


After returning home it was all I could think about, how could I combine my love of travel and Tanzania whilst helping these children. Twelve months later I returned with a business plan and extended my safari to venture into the Serengeti. My mission like many who fall in love with this place was, and still is, to raise money to educate these children. I could see education was the key to improving these kids lives. 


The company now sponsors 10 children to go to Tumaini Private School. It has been the most rewarding and satisfying journey with the most humbling experience of how other people survive on so little."

Marco Duwe

Co-Founder (Tanzania)

Marco is a passionate and very experienced safari guide. He has been working in the industry for over 20 years and we are so lucky to have all his knowledge.


One common feedback we get about Marco is his incredible ability to know pretty much anything you ask him, about native animals and plants (you will have to test him on your safari).


Marco is very busy as he organises everything on the ground and is our main safari guide. He has 5 children whom all attend the same school we send the children from the


orphanage. So Marco also helps those children if they need any extra supplies through the year when Fiona is in Australia. 


Marco loves creating an experience you will never forget and is very accommodating to every different safari clients needs. His favourite thing is that he is constantly meeting new people from all around the world and being able to share his beautiful country with them! 

As 'All Around Tanzania Safaris' is based in both Karatu, Tanzania and Melbourne, Australia this not only means that we comply with international and local procedures but also aids us to maintain operations to our high standards. 

Our team is diverse with a wealth of knowledge, who love working together to create your perfect safari. We make sure that every safari is customisable and tailored to your needs, as travelling to Africa really is a once in a lifetime experience. We never want you to feel like you are stuck running on someone else's schedule.

We are committed to showing you all that Tanzania has to offer, so ensure to check out our safari packages as well as our optional add-ons! 

Few destinations in Africa rival Tanzania's diversity of wildlife, rich cultures and vast landscapes. For many it is the ultimate safari destination and we endeavour to show you why! 


Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date, read our blogs as they are posted, read guest reviews and of course view the breathtaking photography from our most recent safari trips. 

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