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Marangu Route

Climb Level:
Climb Stops:
Easy to Moderate
6 days / 6 nights
Mandara Huts, Horombo Huts, Kibo Huts, Uhuru Peak




Popularly called the 'Coca Cola' or 'Tourist' trail, Marangu is the oldest on the mountain. Some trekkers are misled to believe this is the easy way up the mountain. There is no easy way and a greater proportion of people fail to reach the summit in comparison with any other trail for exactly this reason. It is however the only route where you sleep in huts instead of under canvas!


Day 1: Marangu Gate to Mandara Huts

Your trek begins 1905 metres above sea level at Marangu Gate, the busiest on the mountain! We try to get you started as early as possible to avoid the queues and get trekking sooner. ​

Beginning deep in the jungle of Kilimanjaro's lower slopes and trying to spot wildlife, we stop for lunch in a small clearing known as Kisamboni. By days end, you will have walked just over 8km alongside a babbling stream and up slopes past small waterfalls, to the Mandara Huts . Once here, you are free to sit and relax or those with a little bit of energy left can join their trekking guide for a brief stroll to the Maundi Crater which offers stunning views towards Mombasa and the Indian Ocean.

Day 2: Mandara Huts to Horombo Huts

Today you will climb above the treeline and leave the forest behind and most importantly will also see the snow capped Kibo summit for the first time, your ultimate destination! ​

We really start to pace ourselves today, moving slowly and acclimatising properly to increase your chances of reaching the summit. Our destination today is the Horombo Huts, offering glimpses of Kibo to the west as you sip enjoy dinner prepared by our porters. 

Day 3: Acclimatisation Day

Although it can be done, a five day trek is never recommended as it does not give your body sufficient time to acclimatise. ​This means that you are less likely to reach the summit - and are endangering your health too. For this reason, we do not arrange five day treks and only offer a minimum of 6 days! We can of course extend this to seven as well to increase your chances of reaching the summit further! 

But...our rest day still involves walking! We will head up the southern slopes of Mawenzi and take in some of the best views of Kibo that the mountain has to offer. We will also visit the Zebra Rocks, streaked by centuries by water. The day is not purely about acclimatisation (although it is the main point of the day), it is also about sightseeing. 

  • No camping required

  • Extra acclimatisation day with scenic walks to see the Zebra Rocks.

  • Cross the wild desert of the Saddle

  • Reach Uhuru Peak

  • Copy of a best-selling climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Guidebook to help you prepare before you arrive in Tanzania.

  • Transfers to and from Kilimanjaro Airport

  • Two nights stay in a B&B style hotel (one before your trek and one after)

  • Transfers to and from the mountain

  • All park fees, camping fees, rescue fees and permits while on the mountain. 

  • Camping equipment

  • All food and drink on the mountain

  • Wages of trek crew (guides, assistant guides, cooks and porters) at KPAP rates.

  • Financial failure protection

  • Personal service and advice every step of the way leading up to your trek, provided directly from Kilimanjaro's leading expert - Henry Stedman

  • Flights - however we can assist in this area

  • Visas

  • Hire of clothing, trekking poles, head torches & sleeping bags

  • Insurance

  • Souvenirs

  • Food and drink away from the mountain (other than those included in your hotel stay)

  • Tips / gratuities for your mountain crew (you can refer to the guidebook prior to arrival for details)


Day 4: Horombo Huts to Kibo Huts

The scenery will yet again change today as we enter the wilderness of the inhospitable desert of the Saddle. Travelling 9.5km, keep your camera handy as the light is generally perfect to take stunning photos of Kibo as we continue to make our towards it. ​

Our goal on this day is the Kibo Huts. Built in stone, you will spend the rest of the day sleeping and eating in preparation for the night ahead.

Day 5: Kibo Huts to Summit to Horombo Huts

Rising at midnight, you will begin your slow and steady march up to Gilman's Point at 5719 metres above sea level. It is an incredible test of endurance and if you make it to the top, you will earn your Kilimanjaro certificate. Provided you have avoided altitude sickness (and used your acclimatisation day well) there is no reason you should not make it. 

Your work is not yet over! There is another half an hour to Uhuru Peak, your final destination. The gradient here is relatively flat (in comparison to the rest of the nights' terrain), with glaciers and snowfields on one side and views over Kibo Crater on the other. You have now reached Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa! 

After taking in the sunrise, assuming we are on time, and enjoying a bit of a rest we continue back down to Kibo Huts. We promise it is considerably quicker than on the way up! You will find your breakfast waiting for you to enjoy before continuing your march down the mountain. After walking for 16 hours you will be exhausted but glad to have reached the Horombo Huts again and if you made it to the top, it will definitely have been worth it! 

*Price shown is per person for 1 to 2 trekkers, in $USD  joining a 6 day public trek. Additional trekkers reduce cost per person. Our policy towards the welfare of porters and the dedication to a high standard of service means that our prices will never be rock bottom. Nevertheless, a brief internet search will hopefully convince you that our prices are the best value on the mountain. 

(Private Trek)

1 Trekker                    USD$3,199                    Per Person

(Public Trek)

1 Trekker                    USD$2,999                    Per Person

2 Trekkers                  USD$2,999                    Per Person

3 Trekkers                  USD$2,899                    Per Person

4 Trekkers                  USD$2,799                    Per Person

5 Trekkers                  USD$2,799                    Per Person

6 Trekkers                  USD$2,699                    Per Person

7 Trekkers                  USD$2,699                    Per Person

8 Trekkers                  USD$2,599                    Per Person

Day 6: Horombo Huts to Marangu Gate

We have come to the last day of our trek and will complete a further 20km as we march back through the forest to Marangu Gate. For those who conquered the mountain, you can definitely smile smugly at the countless tourists on their way up and collect your certificate. A jeep will be waiting to take you back to the hotel as the adventure of a lifetime comes to an end! 

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