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Unique Routes

Climb Level:
Easy to Moderate
7 days / 7 nights - 8 days / 8 nights




In addition to the 'official' trek routes, we can also offer our clients something a little different with our two 'unofficial' routes that are really rather special. 

We really think these are the best routes on the mountain because they try to avoid the crowds, improve your chances of seeing wildlife an maximise your chance of getting to the summit. 

These two trails are called the 'Alternative Lemosho' and 'Full Circuit Umbwe' routes and our trekking partners are extremely passionate about them. 


Alternative Lemosho uses one of the official routes as its template, however instead of heading around the southern side of Kibo, we head to the rarely-used northern side path which heads up to the summit via the School Hut and Gilman's Point. 


The reason we like this route so much is because on a Kilimanjaro climb we believe people are looking for; great views, the opportunity to see some local wildlife and the chance to spend virtually every day of their climb in completely different scenery than the day before. We also know what trekkers biggest disappointments are; hordes of climbers that swamp certain campsites and have turned certain routes into huge queues of people stretching up the mountain slope. 


We think that the 'Alternative Lemosho' route scores well in all five of the above categories. 

Over the seven days we will take you from Lemosho Glades to Big Tree Camp, Big Tree Camp to Shira One Campsite, Shira One Campsite to Moir Huts, Moir Huts to Pofu Camp, Pofu Camp to Third Cave Campsite, Third Cave Campsite to School Huts, School Huts to Uhuru Peak Summit, down to Mweka Camp then to your hotel via Mweka Gate. 


This route has been constructed by our trekking partners following years of climbing Kilimanjaro, to offer our climbers a full clockwise tour of the mountain.  

Using some of Kilimanjaro's quietest trails, you will pass through some brilliant forest, fantastic landscape with excellent views and your chances of reaching the summit are absolutely maximised. In addition to this, it also provides you with the chance to see MORE of the mountain than any other single route. 

Much like the 'Alternative Lemosho' route, this trail covers all five of the main categories trekkers tend to find most important; seeing local wildlife in their native habitats, seeing different scenery day in and day out, reaching the summit, avoiding the crowded campsite and ensuring they don't feel like they're standing in a queue stretching up the mountain slope. 

Over 7 to 8 days, the 'Full Circuit Umbwe' manages to combine forest, the vast Shira Plateau, the tranquility of the northern circuit, views over the dusty Saddle desert and of course the final push up the snowy slopes of Kibo to the highest point in Africa. Aiding acclimatisation as much as possible, this route will take you from Umbwe Gate to Umbwe Cave Campsite, Umbwe Cave Campsite to Barranco Huts, Barranco Huts to Moir Huts, Moir Huts to Pofu Camp, Pofu Camp to Third Cave Campsite, Third Cave Campsite to School Huts, School Huts to Uhuru Peak down to Mweka Camp then to your hotel via Mweka Gate. 

  • Copy of a best-selling climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Guidebook to help you prepare before you arrive in Tanzania.

  • Transfers to and from Kilimanjaro Airport

  • Two nights stay in a B&B style hotel (one before your trek and one after)

  • Transfers to and from the mountain

  • All park fees, camping fees, rescue fees and permits while on the mountain. 

  • Camping equipment

  • All food and drink on the mountain

  • Wages of trek crew (guides, assistant guides, cooks and porters) at KPAP rates.

  • Financial failure protection

  • Personal service and advice every step of the way leading up to your trek, provided directly from Kilimanjaro's leading expert - Henry Stedman

  • Flights - however we can assist in this area

  • Visas

  • Hire of clothing, trekking poles, head torches & sleeping bags

  • Insurance

  • Souvenirs

  • Food and drink away from the mountain (other than those included in your hotel stay)

  • Tips / gratuities for your mountain crew (you can refer to the guidebook prior to arrival for details)


*Price shown is per person for 1 to 2 trekkers, in $USD  joining a 7 day public trek. Additional trekkers reduce cost per person. Our policy towards the welfare of porters and the dedication to a high standard of service means that our prices will never be rock bottom. Nevertheless, a brief internet search will hopefully convince you that our prices are the best value on the mountain. 

(Private Trek)

1 Trekker                    USD$3,848                    Per Person

(Public Trek)

1 Trekker                    USD$3,169                    Per Person

2 Trekkers                  USD$3,169                    Per Person

3 Trekkers                  USD$3,069                    Per Person

4 Trekkers                  USD$2,918                    Per Person

5 Trekkers                  USD$2,918                    Per Person

6 Trekkers                  USD$2,819                    Per Person

7 Trekkers                  USD$2,799                    Per Person

8 Trekkers                  USD$2,749                    Per Person

Alternate Lemosho Route Pricing

Full Circuit Umbwe Route Pricing

(Private Trek)

1 Trekker                    USD$3,899                    Per Person

(Public Trek)

1 Trekker                    USD$3,199                    Per Person

2 Trekkers                  USD$3,199                    Per Person

3 Trekkers                  USD$3,099                    Per Person

4 Trekkers                  USD$2,999                    Per Person

5 Trekkers                  USD$2,999                    Per Person

6 Trekkers                  USD$2,899                    Per Person

7 Trekkers                  USD$2,849                    Per Person

8 Trekkers                  USD$2,799                    Per Person

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